[New Magic Item] Tokens of the Wild

Tokens of the Wild

Navnen ran with the stolen amulets. He wasn’t sure how to use them, but he knew there was magic, and value, to them.

Two pursuing thieves were just behind Navnen, they were confused at a fork in the alley.

‘He is dangerous with those amulets,’ the taller thief said.

‘Not if he doesn’t know how to use them,’ commented the shorter thief.

‘As long as we don’t tell him to put a drop of blood on the one he wants to use we are safe,’ the taller thief said with a smile.

A muffled snicker could be heard from not too far away.

‘You idiot!’ shouted the shorter thief as a roaring bear could suddenly be heard.

These three tokens are believed to be part of a set that once included six tokens, each with a different animal. If true, the three missing tokens are a mystery that may well worth be investigated and solved. Many druids are annoyed by these tokens being used.

Benefit: With a drop of a person’s blood one of three creatures may be summoned for one hour each day or until the summoner dismisses the creature. The tokens are as follows:

Bear: Summons a dire bear with maximum HD that will fight for the bearer of the amulet or carry them as a mount or even break down some barrier for the amulet’s owner. Claw or bite attack deals 1d8 damage.
Bat: This token calls forth a giant bat with maximum HD. This huge bat may carry two human sized figures for one hour and can attack with claws or bite for 1d8 hp of damage.
Turtle: Brings a giant turtle from the deep that serves the amulet’s owner for one hour. By touching or riding this turtle one can breathe underwater (as the spell) and dive to great depths without any ill physical effects for up to one hour per day. Turtle has 5HD and deals 1d8 damage with a snapping bite attack.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Harja’s Triple Threat Charge

Harja’S Triple Threat Charge


As Stork tried to attack the rival wizard he saw the other wizard’s bodyguard step forward, level his pike and stomp his foot on the ground. Before he knew it Stork himself was being rushed by three ethereal versions of the guard, all bringing pikes to bear on him. Stork snarled as two of the ghostly pikes got through and drew blood as their metal and wood counterparts would have, then the bodyguard stepped forward as Stork backed away, the other wizard had run.

Stork managed to snap off a spell that covered the ground between himself and the bodyguard with shadowy snakes that writhed forward to strike, causing the guard to curse and panic and run off himself.


Harja’s Triple Threat Charge (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast the next time the enchanted one stomps a foot three ghostly versions of themselves rush forward, up to 30′, in a charging attack. These attacks are +1 to hit and each ghostly form does weapon damage X2 due to the charging effect. After the stomp is made the attacker may try to flee or charge into the fray themselves.

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[New Spell] Muttering Wound

Muttering Wound


Valance nodded to Koram. The fighter returned the nod and swung at one of the thieves, nicking his arm, opening a small wound.

The wound began wailing.

The thief panicked and ran, the sword wound blubbering and moaning down alleys and over rooftops, the priest of the Spider God and the fighter in close pursuit.

Naturally the thief ran back to his lair.

Koram and Valance prepared themselves.

‘Should we get the others?’ the fighter asked.

‘Nah, let’s kick in the door and handle this ourselves,’ Valance replied.

With a grin Koram drew his Crystal Sword.


Muttering Wound (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: 10′ +5’/level of caster

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until healed.

This spell requires an open wound, so it is often cast in conjunction with another that can use an edged weapon. Muttering Wound causes any cut, laceration or similar open wound to talk incessantly until healed up. Not only disconcerting and annoying (even for the wounded party) this spell also allows easier tracking of the one under the effect of the spell. While usually just mumbling gibberish the wound may reveal who caused the wound or might shout the name of the one who created the wound once per hour. Once healed the spell is broken. Bandages will muffle the sound a little, but it can still be heard ranting.


Note: This spell was inspired by a very disturbing commercial on tv.

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[New Magic Item] Dagger of Fey Banishment

Dagger of Fey Banishment

Fellhorn sank the dagger into the ground where the party was about to set up camp. A tiny scream could be heard from a nearby tree as a sprite was ejected backwards and out of the tree.

‘Serves you right for spying on us!’ the druid grumbled.

He stood and turned towards the gnome and elf. The latter of which was scratching at his collar as if uncomfortable.

‘Does that blade in the ground annoy either of you?’ Fellhorn asked.

‘It is rather irritating, I must say,’ replied the gnome.

‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ the druid said with a smile as he retrieved the blade from the earth.

The elf and gnome exchanged glances that spoke volumes.

Created to send a message to the King of Elfland in the end it caused more problems than it was worth, for the denizens of the fairy realms are vindictive and tricky, even on a good day.

Benefit: This magical silver dagger not only deals 1d4+2 damage and is +1 to hit, but will also create a barrier that keeps all fey creatures at bay if sunk into the ground. This barrier is 30′ in diameter and no fey creature can pass into it, over or under. This may or may not effect demi-humans, depending on how connected to the fairy realm the DM/GM/LL/etc decides these beings are.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a dagger.

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[New Magic Item] Oathblade


‘Hey look, magical swords, what, like five of them?’ Chalk said to Koram.

The leering merchant smiled in a frog-like way as he gestured at the fine blades.

‘Surely a price you can afford, good sir,’ the merchant said.

Koram stood resolute and refused to even touch one of the swords.

‘It’s a trap,’ he told Chalk as they wandered away. ‘Few magic items are easy to handle and I have heard those swords come with an oath to the Vampire King, no thank you.’

Chalk looked back over his shoulder and saw a withered and gnarled hand reveal itself from a curtain behind the sword merchant and thump him on the back of the head.

Originally one hundred and ten of these magical swords were forged for the knights of a great queen, to reward their loyalty and punish any treason. It is said that Sarga the Vampire King has ten of these given to his most loyal knights, the rest scattered about the world.

Benefit: A mundane longsword until an oath is sworn upon it, at which time the sword becomes a magical weapon, dealing 1d6+2 damage against most foes and 1d8+1 damage against one particular type of foe, specified at the time the oath is sworn. If the bearer of the sword breaks their oath in any way the next time the sword is drawn it will turn on its owner, dealing 1d8+1 damage and if dropped there is a 75% chance someone nearby will feel compelled to pick up the sword and continue the attack.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a longsword.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of the Outstretched Arm

Ring of the Outstretched Arm

As the group slept a hand crept in through an unlocked window and felt around the room, the hand’s arm eerily slumped over the windowsill as the hand crept around.

‘Now!’ Valance shouted.

In a blink Navnen closed the shutters on the arm as Koram grabbed the hand. Chalk cast a spell that froze the hand as Valance reached into a fold of his robes and pulled out a wicked looking spider, which he set in the quivering palm of the arm.

‘You know what to do,’ the priest of the Spider God said to the creepy arachnid.

The thing bit the hand and an agonizing howl could be heard outside.

‘Serves you right, next time we cut it off!’ Koram yelled as Navnen opened the shutters enough for the hand to retreat into the night.

‘I wonder who that was,’ Chalk pondered aloud.

‘The person with the swollen and purple left hand that we see tomorrow while out and about,’ suggested Valance with a sinister smile.

Made for a thief by a grateful wizard, this magic item has caused as much heartache (and limb loss) for thieves and would-be thieves than it has caused triumph. Still, there is always someone willing to give this magic item a try.

Benefit: The wearer of this ring may cause their entire arm to stretch and extend up to 60′ from the body. This errant limb may go beyond the sight of its owner and move by touch along, but beware those who would attack said arm. Extended arm has six hit points, causes 8 hit points of damage sever the arm from the torso of the ring’s wearer, so caution is advised.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Colorless Flame

Colorless Flame


Fellhorn picked up a stick from the fire. He knew in his mind that the stick was on fire, yet he could not see the flames.

‘What madness is this?’ the druid asked.

‘All of our gear is soaked by the rain and this is the only fire spell we have,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘Great,’ complained the elf. ‘My cloak has been singed because it is hard to see the flames of your spell.’

The gnome smirked.

‘Or I could just not have cast any spell and we would be in the dark, wet and cold,’ he said.

The others grumbled their appreciation. The gnome noted the lack of sincerity.


Colorless Flame (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10′ +5’/level of caster

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until extinguished.

A very dangerous spell in many cases, the Colorless Flame spell makes any fire burn without color, only a few wavy lines reveal the flames as they flicker. This spell puts out half as much light as normal flame, yet burns just as hot as any fire. Entire villages have been burning before anyone realized how far the fire is spread. In sunlight the flames are all but invisible (70% undetectable) while still emanating a faint light and heat, yet water or other conventional ways of putting out a fire work just as well.

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