[New Spell] Burstcone


You bought what?” Valance asked Koram.

A crate of these acorns from a druid on the edge of town while I was out scouting around,” the fighter replied.

They look really dusty,” commented Chalk.

You don’t eat these acorns! They are weapons!” Koram explained.

The fighter met blank stares. He picked one of the acorns up from the crate. It began to spark and crackle in his fingers, he dropped the thing and it exploded with a loud noise.

The door closed gently, it was Knat. She looked at the crate.

Burstcones?” she asked. It was obviously a rhetorical question.

Something like that,” Koram answered.

Knat reached into the crate and threw one of the acorns at a wall. The projectile exploded, leaving a deep gouge in the wall.

And I suppose you paid good money for these?” she snorted. “I could have made these for you if you had asked!”

Burstcone (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: Instantaneous

With this spell a druid can enchant up to four pine cones, walnuts, acorns or similar items per level. When thrown, these cones/nuts/acorns begin to burn with a dazzling array of lights and explode on contact, dealing 1d4 points of damage. These can be stored indefinitely, but become volatile after one year and have a 5% (cumulative) chance per year thereafter to burst into flame at any given time.

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