[New Spell] False Tome

False Tome

The Scholar of Wexos snickered a little to himself as the adventurers entered the town of Needle.

What happened?” Chalk asked curiously.

Remember when that bandit leader demanded my spellbook for his illusionist cohort?” the Scholar of Wexos asked.

Why yes. And I remember that you were very hesitant to hand it over,” the wizard replied.

Or so it seemed,” the illusionist replied. “When that sorcerer tries casting spells from it none of them will work, although all of them will seem amazing. And then, within the week, the book will revert back to its natural state, a treatise on pruning roses in the Gardens of Nocturne.”

Fiendish!” Chalk exclaimed, incredibly impressed.

False Tome (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: One day per level of Illusionist

When an illusionist casts False Tome on a book that particular writing looks like another book, not just on the surface, but also on the pages within. The caster can make the enchanted book seem more or less impressive as the need arises. Anyone inspecting the book will have to make a save versus spells at -1 to see the true nature of the book, and even then it will take one round for the contents of the book to shift and change back to their original appearance. Those reading the false book will always find the writing overly detailed and captivating. In this manner spellbooks can be hidden and bad literature passed off as a work of art. None of the information in the false version of the book will be accurate and any spells cast from the book when disguised as a spellbook have a 1 in 6 chance (result of 1 on a d6) of exploding in the caster’s face, covering them in soot and dealing 1d4 hit points of damage.

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