[New Spell] Oath of the Acorn

Oath of the Acorn

Stork is staying in this very inn!” Nysser whispered to the others.

Did he see you?” Chalk asked very quietly.

No, I don’t think so, but he is so cautious around others that it is sometimes hard to tell,” replied the elf thief.

Does anyone have a little surprise for him?” Koram pondered aloud.

Knat rummaged inside a satchel at her side and retrieved a small mesh bag of acorns.

I have just the thing!” she squealed gleefully.

Acorns?” Valance asked.

Ogres! My …well priest of the Spider God,” Knat answered.

Nysser, can you slip these to the door of the room that Stork is staying in?” Knat asked.

I certainly can!” he said with a devious grin.

The adventurers all waited patiently and were not disappointed, within the hour Stork had tried to open several acorns at once, and was rewarded with a band of ogres to deal with.

Oath of the Acorn (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: One week + one day per level of druid

This odd druid spell causes a subject to be bound to complete a task for the druid by swearing a magical oath, failure to complete this task within a certain time period. Those who fail this task must make a save versus spells at -3 or find themselves trapped inside a hollow acorn shell on the druid’s person for the duration of the spell. While mostly used against those who do harm to Nature, some wily druids set impossible tasks to ensure the capture of a particular subject. If the shell of the acorn is broken the subject of this spell is prematurely freed.

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