[New Deity] Enuli



Three riders approached the party of adventurers on tall and proud steeds, the pounding hooves stirring up dust on the winding road.

Which way to Neversun?” one of the riders asked.

Valance noticed words quickly forming over one of the head of one of the men, like words made of smoke that dissipated.

Rover of Dangerous Road?” the priest of the Spider God asked.

Oh that!” one of the men said. “I am seeking to change that at Neversun with these two brave fighters.”

Hey, where do I get one of those?” asked Koram.

Two days journey by horse down the road you will see a small village called Shard. If you hurry, you can still catch the festival to the god Enuli and speak to him,” another of the riders said.

After pointing the way to Neversun the two groups parted ways with much well-wishing.

Can we go to Shard?” Koram asked Chalk.

How did I know that you were going to ask?” replied the wizard.

I could use one of those,” quipped Valance. “Something like ‘Master of Spiders’ or ‘Keeper of the Sacred Web’, I wonder what would be required for such a title?”

Apparently we are going to find out,” grumbled Knat.

Lesser Deity

Enuli, Granter of Titles and Accolades
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Titles and Honors

Symbol: A pile of scrolls
Typical Worshipers: Those seeking fame and/or notoriety (and sometimes infamy)

Hit Points (if you need them): 160

Enuli is a fairly quiet and obscure deity in most areas, although a lot of glory hounds from all over the world seek him out. It is uncertain what pantheon Enuli originally belonged to, but he makes his home in the ruins of the devastated city of Malo-Zhur now, quietly restoring the lost gardens and parks, assisted by his few devotees.

Every three years, for no apparent reason, this deity travels out into the world and makes a temporary residence somewhere, sending would-be heroes out to seek glory and fortune. Some towns and villages have festivals in his honor and it is not unknown for Enuli to make a guest appearance and work a little magic, although he is very subtle at this and few can remember the next day which of the revelers was the deity.

Abilities: Enuli can cast any eight Cleric or Illusionist spells up to three times per day as an 13th level cleric or illusionist respectively, primarily using his magic to heal those who have sought him out in some way or to cloak himself in magic to hide in plain sight. In addition, the Granter of Titles may send a willing person on a special type of geas (as per the magic-user spell) that typically involves some heroic or brave act (although sometimes a silly or foolish title may be granted if the person seeks this, but never royal in nature). For example, Enuli may grant the title “Tamer of Wargs” to someone who has killed 200 Wargs by following the geas. This title will flash momentarily above the head of the person who has successfully granted the geas (although the person with the title can also “turn it off” when trying to be subtle or stealthy) in whatever language the reader can understand when he or she first meets someone. While impressive in some situations, these titles are not very powerful themselves and can be changed by subsequent visits to Enuli (although it is great advertising for the god). Enuli fights as a 12h level Fighter, most often with a +2 staff (damage 1d10) and +1 leather armor, any who fail a save versus spell like devices at -1 when struck by the staff are transformed into rabbits, mice or similar harmless creatures for three turns.

Awe: Enuli appears most often as a kindly aging human, sometimes with a long beard and sometimes beardless, not causing any particular awe in onlookers.

Honor Guard: Enuli often has around 20 attendants (3rd level NPCs of various classes and races) and in addition there are often 1d4+1 NPCs of 5th level or higher in the company of the deity, often paying their debt to the god for their magically granted title.

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9 Responses to [New Deity] Enuli

  1. Pat says:

    The God of MMO Titles. I like him, he’s going to make an appearance (although with a bit more sci-fi in my campaign)

  2. Eric says:

    Pat beat me too it but yeah this is so stolen . I know the player I’ll be targeted by this God.

  3. bat says:

    Thank you for the comments, guys! I totally snagged the idea from a blend of the titles that people run around with in LOTRO (I am a big fan of that game on the Imladris server) and old Lord Dunsany tales in which the gods make strange signs that are visible to others. I am a fan of both things, what can I say?:)

  4. trey says:

    Very clever!

  5. David says:

    It feels a little too WoW for my taste, so this is one of the few things you’ve made that I would hesitate to add to my game, but interesting nonetheless.

    • bat says:

      Drat! If it helps, I was inspired by Lord of the Rings Online and Dunsany! I killed 120 of these weird will-o-wisp things to become the Keeper of Mysteries! I was unaware that WoW also had the title system. :/

  6. Jensan says:

    I have to say, after reading the story I immediately felt a tingling sense of WoW (as others have stated already), but I thought the name Enuli was a reversed version of Elune (a goddess in WoW).
    I may be reading too much into it!

    • bat says:

      I actually make a lot of names in the manner of Dunsany, Clark Ashton Smith and Leiber. I took the last name of someone I know (Enos) and stretched it and hammered it into something different. Having not played WoW I claim coincidence, but that is strange how the name and idea are similar. Dunsany created gods that could make symbols that were tangible and could be seen by others, which I thought was cool and married the idea with the titles in the Lord of the Rings Online.

      So, in other words, just stick with the weird residue in my head?:)

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