[New Magic Item] Anvil of Drang-Zhor

Anvil of Drang-Zhor

Koram hoisted the anvil into the back of the cart.

What do we do with this thing? We have made ourselves weapons and armor, horseshoes, jewelry and fixed the barrels we store ale in,” the fighter asked the others.

Sell it!” Valance suggested. “Either I am starting to go crazy or I am seeing elves out of the corners of my eyes ever since we picked this thing up. It is a curse!”

It was probably those weird spiders of yours biting you,” Chalk told the priest of the Spider God with a smirk.

Valance shrugged. It was possible.

An arrow struck a beam near Knat’s head. Pulling the arrow from the oak wood she noticed the fine craftsmanship and the note attached to it. Gingerly the druidess removed the note and read it.

No, Valance, you aren’t seeing things. I suggest we leave the anvil right here and go about our merry way, preferably before we are skewered,” she said.

Heaving a sigh of relief Koram grabbed the anvil and set it carefully onto the ground. Whistling and pointing in all sorts of directions the band of adventurers shuffled off, leaving the magical anvil behind.

One of the wonders of the ancient age is the elven anvil of Drang-Zhor (as it was renamed after being pillaged by orcs and hobgoblins). Being lightweight, it was easily carried off and used for many years to forge weapons for the evil humanoids until they were overrun by the Knights of Spite, who, in turn, used the anvil to create weapons and armor for their evil order. After being scattered by a mob of angry hill giants the magical anvil was lost and its whereabouts currently unknown.

Benefit: This somewhat lightweight (for a huge piece of metal, it weighs about 80 lbs) anvil is meant to be portable enough to take to battlefields or to follow roving armies, but is also used by traveling metalworkers of all kinds. This ancient elven anvil, when used with a smithing hammer, will process metal as if a forge were used in the process, heating the metal being worked perfectly. This causes the weapons made to be naturally quite well made, making all blades (including arrowheads) +1 to damage due to the supernatural sharpness of the weapon. Other metal products also benefit, being sturdier and more reliable. For example, horseshoes made on this anvil will allow a horse to travel all day comfortably, not fatiguing the animal during the ride, although a rest period is required at the end of the day (or night) and armor will give an extra +1 in protection. All metal worked on this magical anvil needs to be maintained and repaired less often.

Usable by: Blacksmiths and other metalworkers.

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