[New Spell] Jaunty Wardrobe

Jaunty Wardrobe

The Scholar of Wexos sat with the three hooded figures for several minutes. The enchanter mumbled to them while the heads of the trio would either nod or shake from time to time.

Three gold each,” the Scholar of Wexos told Chalk and the horse merchant.

Three gold!” the merchant shrieked. “I will be ruined!”

Ah, but it is for a great cause, the Monks of the Gardens of Nocturne are not known for their wealth of coin, but their wealth of spirit. Who knows what good tidings will come your way after this?” mused Chalk.

Oh, very well,” muttered the horse trader. Chalk counted out the coins as the Scholar of Wexos and the heavily swathed monks stood. The five figures then strolled off down the wooded lane.

As soon as they were out of sight the Scholar of Wexos opened a large bag and nodded at it. The three hooded figures crawled into the bag, one by one, collapsing into bundles of empty clothing as the illusionist ended the spell.

Is there something wrong with using this spell to impersonate holy men?” the illusionist asked the wizard.

Chalk shrugged.

Probably, but we will cross that bridge when we have to. For now, we have cheap horses!” replied the mage.

Jaunty Wardrobe (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 30′

Duration: One turn per level of illusionist

An illusionist can cast this enchantment upon any non-metal armor or clothing that is not currently being worn. Jaunty Wardrobe will assemble any available clothing into a roughly humanoid shape from gnome size to human size. This animated clothing can be “programmed” for the duration of the spell to follow a certain path or perform an act that doesn’t require manual dexterity, such as dancing or pacing back and forth or it can be controlled by the illusionist, which takes all of his or her concentration, as if a remotely controlled object. Every two levels beyond the 2nd level the illusionist can control an addition set of clothing. This animated clothing can “hold” a weapon by having the weapon wrapped in the fabric, but cannot fight in either melee or missile combat. Five hit points of damage will destroy this enchanted clothing.

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