[New Spell] Fogtrap


He dove into the fog?” Chalk asked Nysser.

Yes! The orc spy just jumped in as if he knew that there was no danger,” the thief replied.

Chalk stood on the edge of the swirling fog for a moment. Then shrugged and jumped.

While he couldn’t see very far ahead the wizard noticed that he wasn’t plummeting to the ground. Gently he swam downward.

What is happening?” Nysser shouted into the fog.

Come on in it’s…” Chalk began and then the mist suddenly dissipated and he fell the last twenty feet to the ground.

I’ll get a rope,” Nysser said and took his backpack off and started rummaging through it for a length of rope.

Fogtrap (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 30′

Duration: Permanent until dispelled/set off.

The Fogtrap spell allows a magic-user to conjure a huge (30’x30’x30′) cloud or fog that the wizard can control and set into a hole, small ravine, pit or other similar space. Anyone falling or walking into this murky fog can easily move about in it, but any sentient (int of 3+) creature that utters a word will immediately dissipate the magical fog, causing all within to plummet to the ground and to take appropriate falling damage. While a way for the silent to use this enchanted mist as an easy way to move between levels, those who cannot hold their tongues will be mending broken bones. Clever and devious sorcerers like to keep vicious animals or muted thugs in this fog for an added surprise. All combatants within this fog are -2 to strike because of the disorienting nature of the magical mist.

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One Response to [New Spell] Fogtrap

  1. Dom says:

    Really cool. Love the multiple facets of the spell.

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