[New Magic Item] Deep woods Cloak

Deep woods Cloak

We have got to find that elf!” Chalk snarled.

He ran off into these trees. I will try to find his trail!” Koram yelled and plunged into the pines and cedars.

It is pointless. He will be long gone by now,” Knat said. “An elf in these woods?”

Maybe he is not so far as you think, cousin,” whispered the Scholar of Wexos. “I can see a faint trail of magic. I believe that he is nearby, perhaps waiting to strike again.”

Knat whistled at the others and they whispered together. Chalk cast a spell similar to that of the illusionist’s and the adventurers and the group moved cautiously forward. Then the rain began pouring hard as it grew darker. The torch that Koram held aloft sputtered out in the downpour. The elf grinned from the trees, warm and dry in his magical cloak.

Originally created for rangers and others who plunge into the darker and more dangerous parts of forests, the Deep woods Cloak is a boon to anyone lucky enough to run across one. Needless to say, these magic items are coveted and very rare. A Deep woods Cloak appears as a heavy hooded cloak made of wool with various forest designs woven into it.

Benefit: Anyone donning a Deep woods Cloak does not suffer from extremes of temperature (hot or cold), nor will rain soak through the cloak at all, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. While passing through forested areas the cloak gives the wearer the ability to Pass Without Trace (as the first level druid spell, duration is three turns) twice per day. In addition, wild animals (and monsters with animal intelligence) are -1 to hit someone wearing a Deep woods Cloak.

Usable by: Anyone.

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