[New Deity] Snaglak



The settlement had withstood the first and second onslaughts by the goblin raiders. Night was falling and torches were lit to ward off the darkness. Two of the wizards had already fled, an illusionist was trying to escape and the two druids were getting nervous, all of them sensed some sort of impending doom and could feel its magic in the air.

It struck during a quiet lull, breaking the silence. A great wolf, impossibly huge, had leaped over the rampart and was tearing the militia apart as the hoots and howls of the goblins outside raised eerily in crescendo. Timbers cracked and gave way as the wolf broke open the barricaded door and goblins poured in. The beast smiled, revealing rows of fangs and as the goblins ran by it would snatch one up here and there, swallowing the mewling thing whole, taking its sacrifice.







Greater Deity

Snaglak, The Howl of Doom
Alignment: Chaotic
Spheres of Influence: Wolves, savagery, the brutality of nature

Symbol: A glaring wolf’s head
Typical Worshipers: Intelligent canines, some orc and goblin tribes and savage humans

Hit Points (if you need them): 200

The Howl of Doom is a primordial deity, a great wolf that stands twenty feet to the shoulder with piercing eyes and three rows of vicious fangs in his huge maw. Snaglak roams the forests and countryside at will, largely uncontested, seeing to his worshipers, accepting sacrifices and battling against the forces of justice and order.

Many gnoll, orc and goblin tribes worship the Howl of Doom and it is a great honor for them to host the vicious beast. Snaglak likes to hunt elves and gnomes in sylvan settings, often accompanied by wargs and dire wolves, sometimes bearing orc, gnoll and goblin riders on their backs.


Abilities: Snaglak can cast any seven Cleric or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as an 12th level priest or wizard respectively, although the great wolf god prefers melee combat. The Howl of Doom fights as a 15h level Fighter, and his vicious bite does 5d6+4 points of damage.


Awe: Snaglak is a terrifying creature. Anyone attempting to strike this deity in combat is -2 on all rolls to hit. Three times per day Snaglak can produce a howl that acts as a Fear spell cast by an 11th level Illusionist and affects all opponents within listening range.


Honor Guard: Snaglak is often surrounded by a pack of twelve wargs (these beasts have 6HD, move at 180′ (60′), have a bite that does 2d6+2 damage and save as 4th level Fighters) but may also have 8-12 gnolls , orcs or goblins (treat as 4th level fighters with one 6th level champion) riding these dire wolves.


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One Response to [New Deity] Snaglak

  1. trey says:

    A great deity for savage humanoids.

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