[New Magic item] Banner of the Two-Tailed Serpent

Banner of the Two-Tailed Serpent

Chalk recoiled in horror as he heard the hissing sound. It was no mere serpent that made a sound like that. The wizard immediately drew his magical dagger as he spun around.

Two serpentmen stood before him, one bearing a strange banner on a pole of reddish grey wood. Dozens of snakes slithered passed the monsters towards the mage.

Nysser appeared behind the serpentmen silently and drew his bow, striking the serpentman with the eerie curved sword. The distraction caused both horrors to turn around and gave Chalk time to cast a spell, causing the rock beneath the feet of the serpentmen and their snake allies to become mud. Nysser drew another arrow yet before he could fire the standard of the serpentmen began to writhe and twist and one of the two tails lashed out at the thief, striking him like a whip. The serpentmen hissed gleefully as Nysser dropped his bow then gasped in horror as the air suddenly cooled, slowly freezing the mud that they were sinking into. Hastily the monsters sloshed away from the fight with their banner still writhing. Knat the druidess appeared from the gloom.

Not too late, was I?” she asked with a wry smile.

This dreadful relic of the elder days appears as a 25 foot banner in the shape of a thin, stylized snake with two tails. Originally used as standards for the serpentmen (q.v.) in their long wars against most every other race very few of these strange banners still exist. The dark magic associated with this magic item is inert unless the standard is affixed to a pole of wood from the bizarre Scaled Tree of the Scimitar Islands.

Benefit: A Banner of the Two-Tailed Serpent, when affixed to a pole of the Scaled Tree will have the following properties:

  1. Each of the ten foot long tails of the stylized snake lash out at enemies of the standard bearer, dealing 1d8 points of damage each.

  2. The bearer of the magical banner may command all serpents and snakes (but not serpentmen) within 60′ of the standard.

  3. Three times per day the Banner of the Two-Tailed Serpent may be used to inspire those of Chaotic alignment, giving them an additional +1 to hit in combat (melee and ranged). This effect lasts for four rounds each time it is used.

Usable by: Anyone, but usually those more chaotically inclined.

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