[New Spell] Darkfire


The human sorcerer sat debating with the orc leader for some time, eventually the two struck some type of bargain, which resulted in a joyous (for the orc leader) head-butting with the wizard. Moments later several orcs held unlit torches together and the wizard cast his spell. Grunting in satisfaction the orc warriors raised their torches, all of these now “burned” with a strange, angular darkness that seemed to dim all nearby light.

So weak human agreed with leader?” one of the orcs asked another.

He likes head still on shoulders,” replied his fellow.


Darkfire (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 10′

Duration: Permanent until the darkfire is extinguished.

A staple spell of necromancers and other wizards aligned with Chaos, the Darkfire spell creates a type of “anti-fire” that absorbs light and protects those who see better in the dark. For ever two levels beyond the 2nd the casting wizard may light another torch or other combustible material. Unlike normal flame, darkfire doesn’t really burn but rather “sits” upon a surface. Darkfire looks like a spluttering, jagged, angular midnight blue or black fire that emanates darkness that causes those who cannot see well in the dark to be -1 to hit any within 10′ of a darkfire source, even if carrying torches but not lanterns or more powerful light sources. This effect negates any bright light hindrances (such as those suffered by morlocks, orcs or goblins in the light of the sun) that are within 30′ of a torch lit by darkfire. In addition, any being with infravision have the range doubled if within 10′ of a source of darkfire. Bright light (sunshine, a Globe of Daylight spell) will extinguish darkfire immediately.

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