[New Magic Item] Hookah of Epic Tales

Hookah of Epic Tales

Valance spun his yarn, telling the others of his youth. Everyone noticed the unnerving proliferation of smoke spiders that crept along the edges of his tale. No epic battles but a lot of narrow escapes were heard of and seen as a smoky version of Valance ran from one danger or another before kneeling at the altar of the Spider God. The face of an enormous demonic spider made of smoke seemed to scan the crowd, sending shivers up and down their spines.

The priest of the Spider God smiled with more than a little melancholy on his face and handed the water pipe to Koram.

“Oh, this should be good,” Chalk whispered.

“I heard that!” the fighter snapped as he lit the hookah and began telling epic tales of his youth. Goblins and bears and worse monsters were seen running from a heroic Koram in all of his smoky glory.

Thought to be a gift from a powerful djinn lord to a king who chose not to take advantage of an artifact that summoned djinn at will (a clever device of an efreeti noble that has been turned over to the djinn) this ornate hookah is beautiful to behold. In the court of the king it is considered quite an honor to gather to hear (and see) the tales that the aged king spins for his guests.

Benefit: When properly utilized (the bowl filled with clean water and fine quality pipe tobacco or other substance for smoking is used in the hookah) the smoke from this magic item illustrates the words of the smoker in thin, wispy detail, punctuating an epic story with memorable details. The Hookah of Epic Tales can also be used to describe monster or strange lands to others, the smoker need only describe whatever idea he tries to get across and the hookah does the rest. Because of the elaborate trapings of the hookah anyone attacked while smoking is -2 on initiative for the first round and -1 to hit for 1d4 rounds due to the intoxicating nature of the hookah. All listeners within thirty feet also experience these same effects.

Usable by: Anyone who can smoke.


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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Hookah of Epic Tales

  1. It’s about time someone addressed the lack of hookahs in D&D, well done Bat. 🙂

  2. PseudoFenton says:

    I really like this! I love treasure that has history and does something other than allow you to maim other with greater ease – but isn’t just static unusable loot that’s destined only to be sold on.

    • bat says:

      Thank you. Yes, I try to vary things from time to time to keep it from just being about killing other things better. While that is handy, sometimes just a thing of wonder is good to have around too. Thank you for the comment!

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