[New Magic Item] Bag of Seven Winds

Bag of Seven Winds

The trio of dwarfs noticed the goblins sneaking up to ambush them.

“Does that magic bag still have a token in it?” Nonki asked.

“It certainly does, three, I believe,” replied Gnoli.

Holst knelt and grabbed up two handfuls of dust and rocks. He nodded at Gnoli who reached into the bag to retrieve a magical token. Nonki yelled a curse that enraged the goblins as Holst threw the dust and debris into the air and Gnoli directed a strong breeze at the vile humanoids, knocking several down in the process. The goblins changed their plans and began a hasty retreat.

After spending many idle days on various rivers and seas the prince of Nak asked a powerful wizard to create a magic item to allow him to speed up his watery travels from time to time. The obliging sorcerer created the Bag of Seven Winds for the prince of Nak, which also came in handy for blowing dust into the eyes of opponents and dissipating noxious arcane mists meant to cause the prince harm. Rumors abound of an even greater Bag of Seven Winds that can create winds up to 100 mph, but this may just be a rumor….

Benefit: The possessor of a Bag of Seven Winds can reach inside this magic item and withdraw a token which, when thrown into the sky, becomes a strong wind that can range from a slight breeze (no more than 3 mph for three turns) or a strong wind (up to 60 mph for four rounds) with varying degrees of strength and duration in between. Each bag holds up to seven wind tokens which may be created/replenished by holding the bag and casting a 3rd level spell into the magic item. All missile weapons thrown/shot through a wind stronger than 50 mph have a -1 to hit their target.

Usable by: Anyone.


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