[New Magic Item] Club of the Goblin Champion

Club of the Goblin Champion

Chalk groaned as the goblin’s hideous club connected with his ribs. The wizard suddenly saw the world around him seem to move faster than normal as he struggled to keep up.

Koram’s Crystal Sword missed the feral little humanoid and it struck back with its club, bashing the fighter in the shin. A strange webbing crept over the human’s body, holding him fast. Before Valance could conjure a giant spider the goblin raced over to the priest of the Spider God and swung its club a third time. But something went wrong with the little goblins attack and the goblin began to slow down just as Chalk.

Several large spiders arrived. The goblin looked on in terror and tried to run, but it could only move slowly, as if it were running through molasses.

“Dinner time!” Valance said to his eight-legged friends as the goblin began screaming in horror.

This item was a gift from the Necromancer of Sardal to his faithful servant, the goblin champion Snik. Sadly, Snik was a bit too rambunctious and came to a bad end, as many goblins do, and this magical club was lost among the leaves and underbrush of the Forest of Mourning for untold years before being found and placed back into circulation. The club itself is made of a strange dark wood and covered with intricate carvings of hideous shrieking faces, just the sort of thing that goblins and other monsters love.

Benefit: When this magical club successful hits in combat, the weapon itself does 1d6+2 damage and an additional 1d6 is rolled, a 1-3 means that the victim must save versus spells at -2 or be Slowed (as per the 3rd level M-U spell, Haste) for one turn. If the result is a 4-6 the victim is caught in a Web (again, as per the M-U spell) for two turns unless he or she possesses a strength greater than 16, in such a case the victim can break free in 1d4 rounds. If the wielder of the club rolls a 1-4 to hit with this magical club then they must roll on a d6 and the magical effect (Slow or Web) will happen to them.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a club.

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