[New Magic Item] Jar Golem

Jar Golem

“Make sure that nobody finds that thing for some time,” Chalk said, pointing at a textured metal jar.

“Where do we put it, this thing is heavy!” Valance replied. “Do we need a metal jug that we cannot open for anything special?”

The jar began to move slightly, moving along the textured lines.

Chalk leaned forward.

“Who is your master?” Chalk asked the jar.

Valance looked puzzled.

“No master,” came a tinny answer.

Chalk made a small cut to one hand and let several drops of blood drip onto the jar.

“You master now,” the thing said.

“Open up and let us get moving,” the wizard said.

The jug altered its shape and looked like a small bird-headed metal humanoid.

Jar golems are spell alchemical constructs that are a cross between a golem and a familiar. When inert these golems are neatly folded into the shape of a large stone or metal jug or jar that is hard to see for what it is (as long as you don’t try to put something in it). When activated these constructs stand about 1 ½ feet tall and look like small humanoids, although some may have animal heads or talon-like claws. The sorcerer owning one of these magic items must feed it two hit points worth of blood to per month to keep the thing attuned to its owner.

Benefit: These small golems move quickly (120′(40′)), can lift up to 350 pounds, have 3 HD, are immune to poisons and toxins of all kinds and do not tire. However these things are not too bright (Int of 4-5), cannot float or swim, are highly susceptible to electrical attacks (damage x2) and only deal 1d4+1 hit points of damage with their small fists/claws. While inert jar golems are very hard to realize for what they are (80% undetectable as anything but an ornate jar that is almost impossible to open).

Usable by: Magic-users.

Note: Inspired by a textured vase I saw on the Antiques Roadshow, not transforming robots…

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Jar Golem

  1. Boric G says:

    Awesome idea. And terrific inspiration–although I must confess, now I must see the inspiration for myself. Too bad you don’t have a screen cap.

    • bat says:

      Thank you for the comment! Of course I looked frantically for that vase that I casually saw on the Roadshow and did not see it, but it is similar to this one, just picture it with deeper texture.

  2. trey says:

    But they do act sorta like transforming robots….which is cool. 🙂

    • bat says:

      Well, ok, they sort of transform, but these are portable. I could see wizards giving these as gifts to the unsuspecting and recalling the thing to bring some item back to the sorcerer.

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