[New Spell] Tied to the Grave

Tied to the Grave

Chalk glanced at Valance.

You know this would cost less if you could cast this spell,” the wizard commented.

The priest of the Spider God merely smiled sheepishly while he toyed with a vicious looking arachnid.

Jarkli breathed slowly and began chanting slowly as the vampires attacked. Koram began twirling, his Crystal Sword slicing and stabbing at the vile undead who seemed to be moving very slowly themselves. Thin red scarlet lines illuminated the darkness, all leading in one direction.

Quickly!” shouted the druidess Knat. “Outrun them to their lair and we can seal it against their returning there by daylight!”

The vampires hissed but could not keep up with the racing adventurers.


Tied to the Grave (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: All undead within line of sight.

Duration: Three rounds per level of cleric or priest

While not affecting the living, Tied to the Grave causes all undead within the line of sight of the casting priest/priestess to make a save versus spells at -1 or slow down to one half of their movement rate and to cause a thin deep red line of magical energy to race from each undead being to its lair, revealing its place of rest or torpor. Those who hunt ghouls and vampires find this particularly helpful. Those mindless undead that merely roam around are still slowed but do not have a lair so the red energy just swirls around them.

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