[New Spell] Radiate Alignment

Radiate Alignment

The peasants were teeming in the small tavern with the storm raging outside.

What close quarters!” Koram lamented. “I just want a table to sit at for a little while.”

Valance smiled his vile little smile. The smile he usually has when he has a bit of mischief in mind.

The priest of the Spider God bowed his head for a moment to concentrate. Darkness seemed to collect around Valance, an eerie collection of shadows formed and the air became cold and unfriendly.

Spiders!” one of the peasants groaned out loud. The crowd began to panic and press away from the corner where Valance and the others stood while several others dropped to the ground, as if paralyzed in fear. A flickering lantern revealed several shadowy spider legs on a wall and the screaming began. Moments later the darkness faded and Valance offered everyone a chair at the freshly abandoned table.

Well, that’s one way of doing it,” Chalk commented as he sat.

The peasants all stared fearfully from a distance in the dimly lit room while Valance grinned evilly.


Radiate Alignment (Divine)

Level 2

Range: Self

Duration: Two rounds per level of cleric

The Radiate Alignment invocation allows a priest or priestess to emanate powerful waves of energy based upon his or her alignment (White/light for Lawful or Good, Blue for Neutrality or Balance and Black for Chaos or Evil). This energy pulses out in a fifty foot radius and causes those aligned with the cleric (even if following another faith) to feel energized and encouraged (+2 on all rolls for the duration of the invocation) and those of a different alignment to feel disheartened and weakened in the presence of the cleric (-2 on all rolls for the duration of the spell). In addition, those below 2HD must make a saving throw versus spells or be frozen in place as if paralyzed by a ghoul for two rounds due to the awe generated by this spell. The emanating energy often takes the shape of various aspects of the deity worshiped or the deity himself/herself.

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