[New Magic Item] Diadem of Man

Diadem of Man

The tall swordsman strolled confidently into the Crazed Cockatrice inn, a longsword at either side. The crowd looked tough, filled with brusk hillmen, curt woodsmen and a few ragtag adventurers.

“A goblet of your best wine and a room for a weary traveler,” the swordsman said to the barkeep, producing several silver coins. Many faces turned at the glint of that silver, many desperate men deciding whether or not to waylay this man and take what silver he had left, a few even noticed a thin silver crown upon his head, partially hidden by a thick hood.

Daggers drawn, a ruffian howled a curse in a strange language and ran at the swordsman who deftly avoided the drunken hillman and knocked the man senseless with the pommel of one of his swords. Faces looked away as none dared, at least for now, tangle with this man so swift in combat.

Retiring to his room some time later the man locked the door, drew the curtains and sat before a dirty, broken mirror, carefully removing the silver circlet that sat upon his brow. Moments later the elf heaved a sigh of relief as he saw his more familiar elven features, having shed the guise of humanity. Stirring up trouble among these barely civilized creatures would be such an easy task he thought to himself.

Created by the sorcerers of the mad elven king of the north, the Diadem of Man is an ornate silver circlet with a strange jewel set in the center of the crown. The magic of the Diadem of Man is quite potent and the spellcasters who made the thing just as unhinged as their strange king. It has been confirmed, through several misadventures, that there is more than one of these things in existence.

Benefit: Any non-humans that put the Diadem of Man on take on the appearance of a human version of themselves and may operate within human society without being detected (even by scrying or other magical means) as long as the diadem is on the head of the agent provocateur of the mad elven king. The downside? Demi-humans may wear the Diadem of Man for one week straight with no ill effect, after this time the body begins to adhere to the human shape. Each day after one straight week of wearing the Diadem of Man for at least eight hours per day there is a 10% cumulative chance of the transformation becoming permanent. In humanoids and intelligent monsters it only takes three days for this effect to set in. The elven king has been double-crossed more than once by those who have chosen humanity over causing strife among humans in his name.

Usable by: Non-humans, this magic item has no effect on humans.

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