[New Spell] Harvesting the Land

Harvesting the Land

Chalk and his fellow adventurers rode near the Great Burrow of Narrish-Nol and watched the gnomes there struggling with the tough, thorny vines of the Majestic Blueberry. A gnome howled in pain as a vine seemed to lash out at the poor fellow. Knat the druidess tapped her staff on the ground and the ripe berries leaped into the baskets of the gnomes.

How about giving us a basket for saving you the trouble of picking them?” Chalk asked one of the gruff looking older gnomes.

What?!” the elder gnome shouted back at the adventurer. “It is a rite of passage among the honorable gnomes of the Great Burrow of Narrish-Nol to pick the Majestic Blueberries without the use of magic! You have ruined these young gnome’s ritual! Give you blueberries? I think not! Begone!”

Sometimes we cannot win at any cost,” Chalk grumbled a few miles down the road. “It is almost as if we are under some sort of curse!”

Nah, no curse, I checked,” Valance said idly as he played with a pair of dark green spiders.

Harvesting the Land (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 50′ wide x50′ long x10′ high per level

Duration: Two rounds per level

When cast a druid may use Harvesting the Land to cause all desired ripe fruit/vegetables/nuts within the range of the spell to jump either into an awaiting receptacle or in a pile of the ground before the druid. The caster may specify a particular plant’s harvest or go for a mixture. Many farmers pay druids a fair price to magically harvest their crops for them, especially produce in tall trees or within thorny vines.

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