[New Spell] Fascination


Vistis the Blue Mage glared through his heavily lacquered mask at the chief constable.

Bugbears,” the illusionist said aloud.

Constable Nettles suddenly looked as if he were deep in thought.

Bugbears,” repeated the constable. “I wonder if there are any near the northern gate?”

Stork coughed loudly.

I’m sorry, I was bit preoccupied there for a moment,” Nettles said with an odd smile. “Now you were saying?”

We need a permit to set up a magic shop,” replied Stork.

Yes, yes, very well, I need to see what the bugbears are up to around the northern gate,” Nettles replied as she shuffled paperwork about, preparing a hastily scrawled permit.

Fascination  (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 30′

Duration: One day per level of illusionist

Anyone who has this spell cast upon them that fails a saving throw versus spells will be obsessed with a given subject for the duration of the spell. The illusionist must speak or somehow indicate what the topic is for the target to obsess over. The target of the spell’s thoughts bend towards this subject and he or he must know all there is to know bout this person, place or thing, being very distracted when It comes to dealing other than the desired subject. This can take the form of being as close to this subject as possible or asking all around about this current fascination. All combat and social rolls are at -1 due to the constant attention being given to the subject. All knowledge gained however is not lost after the spell’s duration elapses.

Option: Fascination, Exceptional (level 5): Increase duration to one week per level of illusionist, effects 2d4 targets.

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