[New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: Caller of Bones

Magical Skulls: Caller of Bones

The Necromancer of the Howling Mountains raised the fanged skull of the ages dead vampire before the trembling adventurers.

Come to me,” whispered the fell wizard.

One of the frightened warriors screamed as he fell to the ground, his screams continued when he saw his bones crawling slowly towards the necromancer. The vile sorcerer stood the headless skeleton up and placed the fanged skull atop it.

Kill them all,” the necromancer said.

The eyes of the weird skull burned brightly as the thing tore into the failed expedition.

As the vampire terror Honiss the Blood-drinker was beheaded his faithful reclaimed this undead nightmare’s skull and worked strange magics upon it. Now Honiss has a kind of undead second life, albeit as a skull bereft of a skeleton until a wizard finds one for him….

Benefit: A wizard of at least 4th level can activate this arcane skull, using it to summon bones for the long dead vampire from another being. The victim of this magical skull must make a save versus spell-like devices or find their skeleton, from the neck down, has left them and crawled over to the skull of Honiss Blood-drinker. The victim’s body is unharmed by this gruesome situation, but movement is now reduced to 10′ (3′) and all attacks or other physical tasks are all rolled with a -3 modifier. This newly animated skeleton moves at 120′ (40′) is +2 to strike with either its claws or bite attack, each doing 1d6+2 damage. After one day the bones of the victim slowly return during a painful process that takes one hour unless the body has died, in which case the skull of the fallen vampire may keep the bones for one week.

Usable by: Magic-users.


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