[New Spell] Smoky Steel

Smoky Steel

The elven assassin sneaked quietly along the dark alleyway, pursuing her prey stealthily from the shadows. Finally she was confident that her quarry could not escape.
Here you die, Priest of the Spider God!” she hissed. 
Valance turned and grinned so vilely that the assassin was taken aback. 
Certainly one of us will die here,” he replied coldly. The priest nodded and dozens of spiders, most no bigger than a common housecat, scuttled from out of the darkness, eyes gleaming with ill intent.
The elven assassin drew sword and dagger and ran at Valance who whispered to his god and pointed at the slender elf. The blades in her hands suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke. In shock she dropped the handles of her weapons upon the cold cobblestones.
No!” the assassin screamed as the spiders closed in.

Smoky Steel (Cleric)

Level 5

Range: 10′ + 5′ per level of cleric

Duration: 1d4 (ten minute) turns for magical and non-magical weapons.

When cast the blades of all metal weapons of those not affiliated with the priest/priestess and/or his or her faith become smoke for the duration of the spell. Magical weapons are allowed a save at -1 as per the class and level of the wielder. This effect lasts for 1d4 turns after which time the weapons are restored to their previous condition undamaged.{Note: this spell is meant to be an advanced version of Weaponcurl (q.v.) which has been modified as per suggestions from kind readers}

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Smoky Steel

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Hi, bat. There is a lot that I like about this spell. It shows a recurring ‘visual’ quality of your creations that make them very entertaining, and through that, enticing to use.

    However, in my estimation, it seems over-powerful for the level, and I’m finding that 5th level may be the minimum.
    –Come to think of it, I cannot think of an equivalent spell as powerful, given that Turn Wood does not affect most swords, and is not a radius AoE.

    An AD&D Cleric using this spell would have to be 7th level (with a base 45′ radius) to cast the spell. I imagine the other rules sets are similar. This would yield /hundreds/ of individuals being affected in the Radius AoE at 5’sq per person.

    — As an example: Pro From Evil 10′ Radius (a 4th level spell) allows the affected to close within 1″/10′ distance of the protectees.

    Also, may I ask after your use of the term, ‘Turn’; is it 1 minute, or 10 minutes?

    I hope my questions aren’t bothersome or perceived as pedantry, as neither are my intent.

    • bat says:

      Your questions are fine, Kyrinn, I would never consider them pedantry! Thank you for the observations! To be honest, I basically rewrote Weaponcurl, then thought I had better look up a similar spell on the blog and saw it, but liked the fiction. After a slight bit of panic I tried to pull out of my tailspin. You are correct about the level and I will adjust it, and a “Turn” as per LL/AEC is ten minutes. Thanks again1

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