[New Spell] Seeing Through Your Eyes

Seeing Through Your Eyes

The wily sorcerer Stork stood looking perplexed.

What happened?” asked Vistis the Blue Mage.

I was delving into the head of Banthus Nrek and I see that it was actually he and not Chalk that had cast the spell at Dorvis Xon that got me exiled from Nalaj,” replied Stork.

Does this change our game?” inquired a curious Vistis.

Not really. Banthus Nrek should be easy enough to kill before we go back to harassing Chalk and the others. I still don’t like them,” Stork answered with a thoughtful sneer. “Those idiots have given me more than enough reason to kill them too.”

Seeing Through Your Eyes (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 60′ + 5′ per level

Duration: Instantaneous.

This form of divination allows one to see the major events in the life of another sentient being, viewing major events to see what moral decisions the subject has made throughout their life. Beyond digging deeper into the character of the subject of the spell Seeing Through Your Eyes can also determine who is responsible for a certain course of action being taken during a particular event. In order for the spell to be successful the caster must roll above the target’s Wisdom with a penalty of -1 per two levels that the subject is higher than the casting wizard (i.e. a 4th level magic-user casting this spell on an 8th level character would have a -2 modifier when rolling above the target’s Wisdom). A failed roll means that the target of the spell is aware of an attempted mental intrusion.

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