[New Spell] Tornado of Coins

Tornado of Coins

The Sorcerer of Zarki stood before the pile of coins at his feet.

Well done!” said the mercenary Daq. “Now we can eat tonight and stay in a good inn, our coins were getting to be too few!”

As long as nobody finds out where their coins have gone to we can keep our heads, too,” whispered the wizard. “I have heard that bad things happen to those that cast this spell too often!”

The mercenary scooped up a handful of coins. Hey!” Daq exclaimed as he focused on one silver piece in particular. “This coin came from my homeland!”

Imagine that, it must be a coincidence,” smirked the Sorcerer of Zarki.

Tornado of Coins (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 50′ + 10′ per level

Duration: Instantaneous.

One of the reasons that wizards are often hanged or impaled on sight is a spell like Tornado of Coins. When cast this spell stirs the Aethereal Plane, slowly at first, in a slow vortex that begins collecting small amounts of coins from everywhere; treasure hordes, locked boxes and people’s pockets. The magic is not strong enough to take all of the coins from one particular place, but one can certainly expect to loosen 10% of the coins from any one particular source as the affected coins momentarily become aethereal and pass through any barriers as they begin to slowly swirl towards the caster. Loose or dropped coins almost always are affected by this spell. To determine the exact amount (denomination will always be random) roll 2d10 and add ten coins per level of magic-user in urban areas and 1d10+5 coins in wilderness settings, unless a treasure horde or heavily populated area is nearby, then refer to the previous option. This spell does not attract jewelry or other treasure, only minted coins. 

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