[New Deity] Crolk, God of the Small Hours



Darkness fell swiftly, swallowing the young wizard in the chill of an early autumn. The magic-user knelt by a burning brazier, trying to read his spellbook.

It is dark now, and quite dangerous for young sorcerers to be out and about,” a deep voice said. “Their are goblins and ghouls just waking now to cause mischief.”

The young wizard looked up and saw an old man in gray robes standing before him. A set of twisted and curled ram horns adorned the man’s head.

I am trying to summon something to protect me, I have a journey to make,” replied the youth.

Oh, indeed! A summoning! I might be able to help you with that,” the old man replied with a wry smile.



Lesser Deity

Crostus, The God of the Small Hours
Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic tendencies)
Spheres of Influence: Darkness, skullduggery, covert dealings.

Symbol: A skull with ram horns.
Typical Worshipers: Magic-users, fiends, thieves

Hit Points (if you need them): 150

Unlike the deity known as Night, Crolk is a more sinister god, a lurker of the small hours, his powers culminating around 3 a.m. Necromancers, thieves and sinister beings pay homage to this fell god who often hears their prayers and assists them in times of need. Crolk is never seen in the light of the sun, only after dark or deep underground.

Crolk most often appears as an old bearded man in simple robes, the only distinguishing characteristics being the two long, twisting ram horns that adorn his head. While sinister and strange, this god has been said to have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy a good joke.


Abilities: Crolk can cast any eight Illusionist or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as a 12th level illusionist or wizard respectively, focusing on spells that confuse, deceive or summon, being able to call upon fiends or the undead to serve others for one night. In addition, the God of the Small Hours often hears the prayers of his worshipers and will often allow a wizard to summon fiends or the undead as if three levels higher than they actually are, doing the same for thieves, letting them practice their Art as if a thief tthree levels higher for one night (both of these boons granted no more than once every fortnight). Crolk fights as an 11h level Fighter, usually with a staff that is +2 to strike and does 1d10+2 points of damage.


Awe: Crolk is eerie with his ram horns and anyone or anything under 4HD are -1 to strike this deity.


Honor Guard: All sorts of minor undead and fiends can be in the company of Crolk, most often 1d8 ghouls or 1d4 lesser devils or lower order demons.

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5 Responses to [New Deity] Crolk, God of the Small Hours

  1. silentjudas says:

    Very neat. I always love a new Deity to play around with for my games. Always great to see your creations!

    • bat says:

      Thank you very much for the comment, silentjudas! My deities are influenced mainly by Lord Dunsany in one way or another. A few more will crop up over the course of the month as I try to make darker posts for October.

  2. silentjudas says:

    Oh man, excitement.

  3. trey says:

    Cool concept.

    I also look forward to the dark October posts. 🙂

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