[New Deity] Senlevar, the Lord of Retribution


 The prince of Norlak anguished and pleaded before the stoic figure who merely stared back impassively from a mirror-like mask. The prince went on and on about the tyranny of the king and the plight of the royal house under the thumb of the oppressor.

With a wave of a heavily wrapped hand Senlevar dismissed the distraught prince of Norlak. Days went by and nothing happened, the prince contemplated cursing the name of the Lord of Retribution. Then, on the sixth day the king went missing, simply vanishing from sight.

The fourth layer of the Eleven Hells welcomed the king with open arms, devils harassing the tormenting the outraged king who vowed to fight his way from the underworld back to Norlak, much to the amusement of fiends nearby.


Lesser Deity

Senlevar, The Lord of Retribution
Alignment: Neutral
Sphere of Influence: Revenge

Symbol: Red rain on a black field
Typical Worshipers: Outcasts, the downtrodden.

Hit Points (if you need them): 150

The Lord of Retribution is a solitary figure, often wrapped head to toe in strange rune-covered cloth with a heavy hooded robe and a mirrored mask that reflects the faces of those who seek him right back at themselves. Stoic and silent, Senlevar is eerie and many of those who seek him are unsure if he is even listening as they unmoving figure often barely responds to the presence of others. But Senlevar is listening and smiling behind that mask as the old god loves nothing more than to hear the plight of the betrayed and exact revenge for them.


Abilities: Senlevar can cast any six Cleric or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as a 13th level priest or wizard respectively, focusing on magic that curses others or can bring about revenge for those who beseech the deity for such . Additionally Senlevar can easily curse another in the following ways: 1) Curse up to three individuals to the Lower Planes (any plane the deity desires, victims must save versus magic at -3 to resist the trip) and 2) Cause seven years of bad luck to befall a community in the form of plagues, pestilence or other calamity. Senlevar fights as an 11th  level Fighter, most often with a spear that deals 1d10+2 points of damage and may be thrown up to 180′ without penalty, returning to Senlevar at his command.


Awe: Senlevar is eerie to behold, and his stoic nature makes those who oppose him -1 to strike in combat.


Honor Guard: The Lord of Retribution is a solitary figure but may have up to six cultists in his presence, half being 3rd level fighters, the other half being 3rd level wizards or priests.


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