[New Magic Item] Spellsnatcher Dagger

Spellsnatcher Dagger

Stork felt the blade of the dagger bite into his flesh and then something was gently tugged from his mind-one of his spells to be cast this day! The sorcerer snarled and drew his own dagger, facing his attacker.

The young thief did not hesitate and waved the dagger back as if it were a magic wand. Thin web-like strands of magic wrapped around Stork, holding the wizard fast and catching him by surprise.

I suggest you run fast, boy,” snarled the sorcerer. “Because when I get out of this I am going to turn you into something unpleasant!”

Without stopping to steal Stork’s coin pouch the thief turned and ran as fast as he could.

An ornate silver dagger of unknown origin (presumably a gift from a deity of thieves to his most loyal disciples) a Spellsnatcher Dagger is a remarkable weapon that has the ability to steal a spell from a spellcaster and allow the thief to cast it instead. Many Wizard’s Guilds put a bounty on such daggers and usually hang the thief with the dagger in his or her possession.

Benefit: When a thief wielding a Spellsnatcher Dagger strikes an illusionist or a magic-user the spellcaster takes 4 hit points of damage and loses one spell for that day (chosen by the wielder of the dagger), the magic being transferred to the thief. The thief may then cast the spell, using the magical dagger as a wand holding the spell, as long as the thief would be able to cast the spell as an illusionist or magic-user (i.e. as if the thief were the same level or higher than the target spellcaster). This cast magic has a 90% chance of success, failure means that the spell has gone awry and most anything can happen).

Usable by: Thieves.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Spellsnatcher Dagger

  1. trey says:

    Handy item for a thief.

  2. D. says:

    I love this item!

    I am beginning to feel inspired to start posting some of my own odd magical items and spells as they come up in the campaign.


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