[New Spell] Spectre Curse

Spectre Curse

Gnoli the dwarf strolled into the Drunken Dragon Inn and hailed Chalk and his companions. Before the demi-human could take a seat at the table a shadowy form appeared behind the dwarf.

He only has a few silver pieces and will beg you for coins!” the phantom exclaimed.

Chalk raised an eyebrow. The others exchanged glances.

The dwarf is down on his luck, dogged by the dead!” the spectre said, laughing.

A curse?” Chalk asked.

He deserved it!” the undead thing shrieked.

Gnoli sighed deeply.

A curse,” the dwarf replied. “It was Stork and that vile scroll of his!”

Let’s see what we can do about this,” Chalk said with an evil smile as he glared at the spectre.

Spectre Curse (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: Until removed or the spectre is defeated..

This dreadful curse summons a spectre to the magic-user who then binds the undead monster to its victim who fails a save versus spells at -1. This spectre will constantly harass and harangue the victim of the curse but is also trapped by the weird nature of this curse; the spectre cannot use its level draining ability on the cursed person under any circumstances. The undead creature can still attack with its clawed hands, doing 1d8 points of damage, however. The spectre can choose to be visible and audible to only the cursed person or may loudly berate the victim of the curse in front of others. If the spectre is defeated the curse is broken as if dispelled.

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