[New Spell] Phantasmagoria of Hopnir

Phantasmagoria of Hopnir

Chalk looked back over his shoulder, laughing.

We didn’t do too bad at all! That gnome is a handy new addition to our band!” he shouted to the others as they rode out of the city of Malang.

Koram laughed heartily as well.

That was almost too good!” agreed the fighter. “But let’s not forget it was the Scholar of Wexos’ spell that helped!”

A few arrows flew by them halfheartedly as the city guard realized that the scoundrels had escaped.

Nudge the gnome thief urged his pony to keep up with the spindly-legged horses of the adventurers that he had recently thrown in with.

Phantasmagoria of Hopnir (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 100′

Duration: One hour + 1 turn per every two levels of illusionist.

This elaborate illusionist spell is a standard in some areas as the illusions act the same way every time with a few subtle nuances thrown in by the illusionist. When cast various illusory figures appear as if walking onto a stage and a detailed play is performed by what appear to be shades, telling the cautionary tale of the necromancer Hopnir and his encounters with four tempting fiends from the lower planes. The illusion provides booming voices and disturbing visuals and was originally meant to keep spellcasters on the straight and narrow path, but since has become a way that an illusionist and his companions can fleece those enthralled by the play. An audience that is actively watching the play is normally concentrating so hard on the play that all thief abilities are +20% within the range of the spell as the crowd is so distracted. Those watching the Phantasmagoria of Hopnir are -2 on all perception rolls while engrossed in the tragedy of Hopnir.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Phantasmagoria of Hopnir

  1. I love the word “phantasmagoria”. 🙂

  2. trey says:

    Clever! An illusionist spell where the illusion itself isn’t the trick.

    • bat says:

      I am really glad that it makes sense to you because sometimes my biggest fear is that my fingers won’t translate what is in my brain. Darned fingers!

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