[New Magic Item] Acorn Whistle of the Howling forest

Acorn Whistle of the Howling Forest

The group of adventurers found a handful of intricately carved acorn whistles in a strange stone bowl deep in the Howling Forest. Naturally, everyone picked one up.

Let’s see who can whistle the loudest,” suggested Chalk.

Within moments weapons were drawn and spells were being cast.

Found scattered about here and there on the floor of the Howling Forest are a handful of curious whistles made from acorns. Also known as the Gifts of Stoneheart, these whistles are reputed to be the creations of the strange dwarf known by that name and imbued with a kind of weird magic that has caught many a traveler in that dark and dangerous forest off-guard.

Benefit: When these whistles are blown they summon the following creatures on the spot:

1 Giant Tarantula Spider with 4HD and a 1d8+2 poisonous bite.

2 Angry owlbear

3 1d4 2HD Chaotic dwarf bandits

4 A 6HD centaur warrior with a +1 bow (1d6+1 damage) and a +2 spear (1d8+2 damage)

5 1d4 bugbears

6 1d4 hungry dire wolves

It is reputed that Stoneheart leaves these strange whistles for others to find to keep his area of the forest free from prying eyes and meddlers.

Usable by: Anyone.

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