[New Magic Item] Warhound Arrow

Warhound Arrow

Knat jumped as she heard the twang of the bowstring in the distance. Before she could wake the others a spectral war dog was suddenly in the camp of the adventurers. A groggy Valance was bitten savagely as the snarling beast loped through the camp and suddenly seized a pack full of food and ran off into the darkness.

Great!” lamented Chalk after he woke up and assessed the situation. “Now ghosts are stealing from us!”

These very rare magical arrows are made of ash or willow and always have an intricate carving of a war dog or mastiff on the shaft. Prized by scouts and spies, Warhound Arrows have saved many an infiltrator by causing a diversion in the nick of time. Rumors abound that there is a panther version of this magic item as well.

Benefit: Warhound Arrows may be fired up to the maximum range with no penalty, however there is no damage done by these blunt tipped projectiles; before one of these arrows strikes its target it transforms into a spectral war dog with 4HD, an AC of 4, saves as a 5th level fighter and the ghostly beast bites for 2d6 points of damage. The savage war dog obeys the archer that fired it from the bow and can retrieve items that weigh up to 20 pounds. After one hour the war dog will return to its master and become an arrow again.

Usable by: Fighters and rangers.

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