[New Spell] Hedge of Protection

Hedge of Protection

The druids of Forlaren Forest are the hardest to find, the peasants say, always seeming to disapper in a pinch, but they grow the best shrubbery.

Hedge of Protection (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Creates an area 10’x 10′ per level of druid

Duration: Three rounds per level of druid.

When cast this spell creates a hedge around the caster that can be grown up to 8′ high. This can be made to look like a stand of smallish trees to obscure the druid and any who fit within this area or as a defensive measure as the hedge can lash out at surrounding targets for 1d4 points of damage with its small limbs. Striking at a target within the hedge has a -2 modifier, whether melee or ranged attack. This moving hedge has 3HD+1 hit point per level of druid and an AC of 9.

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