[New Encounter] Magistrates of Impedimenta

Magistrates of Impedimenta



Chalk stood outside the court of law scratching his head.

What happened in there?” Koram asked.

Well, I went in over the case of reckless behavior and somehow was convicted of that and pretending that my parents are rich, which apparently is a crime here,” the wizard replied.

How much were you fined?” Koram inquired.

Three gold pieces and three perch,” answered Chalk.

What?” was all Koram could say to that.

I cannot even begin to understand this place. The sooner we leave the better,” said the wizard.

We’d better get out of here before being convicted of sleeping with our shoes on or something to that effect is also illegal here,” Valance suggested. 




Usually summoned by wronged minor nobleman or stressed family members, the Magistrates of Impedimenta often appear dressed in all of their legal finery to cause as much confusion and obstruction as they can. These fiends always have orders of process, writs of law and other documents to flood a court with nonsense and to slow down any progress that a given case has built up.

In the game: The Magistrates of Impedimenta show up at the worst of times and twist and turn the word of the law in the most obscure and confusing ways. Many believe that this is actually a cult dedicated to a minor God of Chaos and that these miscreants serve their foul deity by making a mockery of the law by tying things up. Any case that the Magistrates of Impedimenta are tangled up in have a 65% chance of stalling or falling in favor of the Magistrates and they have a +1 to any roll pertaining to legal matters and how they can twist them to their own ends. Ridiculous laws and trumped up charges are the rule of the day around the Magistrates of Impedimenta.

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2 Responses to [New Encounter] Magistrates of Impedimenta

  1. trey says:

    Always good to have encounters that can’t be triumphed over by force of arms alone.

    • bat says:

      Exactly! Trying to bog PCs down in this sort of situation is just as fun as having them struggle their way out of a menagerie of monsters.

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