[New Spell] Relimb


Koram winced as Valance mumbled prayer to the Spider God and situated the fighter’s arm back into place.

That might leave a scar, but you have your arm back,” the priest said with the best he could muster in the comforting smile department.

So you can heal!” Chalk snapped.”I didn’t think you had it in you!”

This spell gives me enough time to work on spiders,” the priest of the Spider God replied. “All of those legs, you know!”

Relimb (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Instantaneous or three turns + one turn per level of cleric (see below).

The Relimb spell takes on one of two forms. Either the priest can re-attach a lost limb magically or the cleric can bless someone before he or she goes into battle or other arm or leg endangering scenario and the subject of the spell can re-attach their own severed appendage or have someone else do it for them. This spell will also work for decapitations if the head is replaced within two rounds. Note that this spell does not restore hit points, it merely mends severed limbs and staunches any further damage. Many cities and towns refuse to have double jeopardy clauses when it comes to public executions because of this spell.

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