[New Spell] Call to the Gods

Call to the Gods

You all will regret this,” the priest of Law said to Chalk and his companions.

I’m sure we will,” replied Chalk. “But it is in our best interests to leave your town as soon as possible. We only ask to pass by you and out the gate.”

The priest smirked.

That’s not going to happen on my watch,” snapped the priest. He began uttering a prayer.

Stop him!” shouted Valance.

Too late to do anything the adventurers stood still as creeping buboes and rashes covered their skin. Suddenly they all felt drained of vitality and weak.

Guards! Guards!” called the priest of Law. A gang of brutish watchmen appeared.

Take them to the dungeon until I find the time to interrogate them further!” the cleric ordered.

Call to the Gods (Cleric)

Level 7

Range: 20′ radius

Duration: Permanent (until cured in the case of the reverse)

An impressive display of divine power, Call to the Gods will Heal multiple targets within a 20′ radius. The same afflictions are removed (blindness, disease, fatigue, Feeblemind and poison) and all but 2 hit points are healed. The gods are generous with their power, but there is a 20% chance that the casting priest or cleric is subject to a Geas by their deity.

The reverse of this spell, Curse of the Gods, will cause one affliction to strike all within a 20′ radius (such as blindness, a curse, disease or Feeblemind) and all but two hit points will be removed from those within this zone.

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