[New Spell] Imitate Animal

Imitate Animal

Knat the druidess held the frog in her hand for a moment. Suddenly she chirped loudly like a frog herself. Chalk raised an eyebrow.

Just trying out this new spell, it could come in handy for me signaling to the rest of you when I am scouting ahead,” she said.

Great idea, and what do we do in return?” Chalk asked.

That bit is your problem to figure out, I have my end of it handled,” she replied.

Imitate Animal (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Self

Duration: Instantaneous.

This simple druid spell allows the caster to imitate any animal sound. If the druid has a bit of the subject animal on hand (fur, teeth, antler, etc) or a live example of the animal he or she there is a 90% chance that this sound will convince other animals, otherwise it will only convince sentient creatures. This can be used to communicate, intimidate or just to entertain.

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