[New Magic Item] Ferret Potion

Ferret Potion


Weasels!” Koram shouted. “I am being haunted by them!”

Technically they are ferrets,” said the Scholar of Wexos.

Okay, I don’t care what they are, they are hounding me!” the fighter replied.

When did this first begin?” asked the wizard Chalk.

Just after we returned from the Thieve’s Guild of Molku,” answered Koram. “Remember, they didn’t want to pay for the jewels we had, but they sure seemed interested in them?”

What do you know of this?” Chalk asked the gnome thief, Nudge.

I know that it is bad luck to squeal on other thieves,” the gnome replied.


Rumors suggest that an alliance between a group of alchemists and a den of thieves resulted in the overthrow of the anti-magic cult of Draniss and the creation of this strange alchemical recipe. While no one knows for sure, the fact remains that many thieves somehow have access to Ferret Potion, and at reduced rates.

Benefit: A few drops of this alchemical mixture poured upon the ground will produce 1d4 normal sized ferrets (4hp each, MV 90′(30′), ATT-1, DMG 1d4 (bite), Morale 8) that the summoner can use to spy or steal (each ferret has the skills of a 5th level thief). Unlike many alchemical concoctions, these creatures are permanent, will always obey the one who poured the mixture and can understand simple commands. A vial will typically contain 8-10 ferrets.

Usable by: Anyone, favored by thieves.

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6 Responses to [New Magic Item] Ferret Potion

  1. Damian says:

    This is genius, so many roleplaying opportunities with this.

  2. Ferrets are awesome. Alchemical ferrets that act as thieves and can be commanded as loyal minors are beyond awesome. Love this one, bat!

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