[New Spell] Armor Shock

Armor Shock

Knat grabbed the elf's sleeve and let out a scream of shock.
The elf began to run and Knat tried to chase her but couldn't build up any speed.
What's going on?” Koram asked as he suddenly noticed the exchange.
Knat composed herself through chattering teeth.
She stole my coins!” the druidess exclaimed as she pointed at the elf.
I'll get her!” the fighter said confidently.
Don't touch her...” Knat began and Koram let out a shout of pain. The elf giggled and ran.
....robe,” the druidess finished.

Armor Shock (Magic-user)

Level 1

Range: Self or touch

Duration: Two turns plus one turn per level of caster.

A wizard casts Armor Shock upon a person’s armor (or clothing, really) and for the duration anyone touching the enchanted clothing must save versus spells at -1 or be shocked for 1d4 points of damage and have their movement halved for two rounds. Many spellcasters use this spell to give them a chance to dash away from a foe when it looks like the odds will be against them.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Armor Shock

  1. trey says:

    That last line makes the spell for me. It’s the little touches. 🙂

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