[New Spell] Harassing Challenge

Harassing Challenge

Trolls!” Koram exclaimed. “This isn't really our day at all!”
We need to get Nudge over to the other side of the room so he can unlock those doors and get us out of here,” Chalk suggested.
Do we throw him?” Koram asked.
The gnome thief frowned.
No, but I can take all of their attention off of him and put it on one of us,” answered Chalk.
Koram drew his Crystal Sword.
I know who that is going to be, as usual,” Koram said and braced himself.

Harassing Challenge (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Instantaneous

When cast upon oneself or another by touch this spells draws all of the ire of an enemy(enemies) to the enchanted person, causing foes to ignore all others while concentrating their attacks on the person under the effect of Harassing Challenge. All enemies within 15′ are affected. As wizards are not usually melee oriented this is usually cast upon others, except in instances of dire need.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Harassing Challenge

  1. Damian says:

    quick question, if bugbears are attacking my character and i cast it on one of the bugbears, do the others keep attacking me, or turn on their ‘enemy’? If so the bugbear should get a save vs spell to avoid? or is it on a willing target only?


  2. bat says:

    Very good question. I had intended this to be cast upon friendly targets, but you could slip up to a bugbear and throw it on them, causing chaos among them. I had thought of the saving throw in the case of the “willing” subject not being so willing, but then again magic is sometimes fickle and there aren’t always saving throws to avoid something.

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