[New Spell] Magical Songs: Song of Good Fortune

Magical Songs: The Song of Good Fortune

The Scholar of Wexos counted through his coins and smirked.

What is it?”asked a concerned Chalk.

That musician was good, a little too good,” replied the illusionist.

Chalk began to panic and counted through his own coins. He let out a squeak of surprise.

How did this happen?” the wizard asked.

I believe that the elf minstrel is really an illusionist of some ability,” replied the Scholar of Wexos. “He sang a song more skillful than the one that I can, more subtle.”

We need to lean on him to get our money back!” Chalk urged as he turned to head back towards the center of town and the singing elf.

What we need is to get him to teach me that spell,” countered the illusionist.

Chalk shrugged, that was a good point.

Song of Good Fortune  (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 30’+ 5′ per level of illusionist

Duration: Two rounds per level of illusionist

The illusionist sings or performs via instrument this uplifting song to rouse the spirits of those around them. All within the radius of the spell are +1 on all rolls for one day-and also lose roughly 10% of any coin or valuables they have with them (within reason-if all you are carrying is a painting of worth the spell will skip over you) that will be deposited into a location designated by the illusionist that is within one mile. Those enchanted in this way usually feel so positive about the song that they do not blame the singer or musician when they discover their loss. Usually.

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