[New Magic Item] Pipe of Smoke Beasts

Pipe of Smoke Beasts

Get that dwarf!” Chalk shouted.

Nudge the gnome sneered and drew a wicked dagger.

The dwarf thief calmly lit his strange pipe, a trio of ghostly wolves emerged from the billowing smoke and charged at the gnome, eyes glowing and fierce teeth bared.

Nudge suddenly stopped in his tracks as Koram ran by, sword drawn.

Afraid of illusions today?’ the fighter mocked the gnome as he passed him.

Those aren’t…” began the Scholar of Wexos.

One of the smoky wolves bit down hard on Koram’s arm, he yelled in pain.

Chalk cast a spell that lit the dark room of the inn as if it were daylight. The smoky wolves seemed thinner and more transparent, one ran back to the dwarf who promptly turned and ran himself.

Made from intricately carved dwarf pipes, the Pipes of Smoke Beasts have been enchanted to give the possessor a little extra edge. Thick smoke issues from the pipe, creating strange creatures to harass enemies of the smoker. In some places pipes are investigated to discern whether they are enchanted or not due to situations created by smokers of such magical pipes.

Benefit: A pipe of smoky beasts, when lit, will create smoky creatures, usually with a sinister look to them (wolves, large spiders, fluttering bats, menacing owls, etc) that will harass or attack anyone indicated by the smoker. Each type the pipe is used it can conjure 1d4 such creatures-always of the same type- with 4 hit points, an AC of 7, an appropriate attack that deals 2 points of damage and a move of 60′ (20′). Such creatures only obey simple commands, but may be sent to fetch something as well as attacking foes. It has been suggested that these magic items actually summon lesser creatures from the edges of the plane of Shadow.

Usable by: Anyone.

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