[New Magic Item] Travelall Figurine

Travelall Figurine

The bridge is out again! Isn’t that the third time this week?” Chalk said.

The gnome could only smile sheepishly.

But I suppose that for a few silver pieces you can ferry us across the river on your wooden turtle,” continued the wizard. “Again.”

The gnome shrugged and smiled and held out his little hand.

Chalk turned and glared at Nudge.

Are all of you gnomes thieves?” he asked.

Nudge shrugged as well.

I have to admit, this guy is good,” the thief replied, nodding at the other gnome.

A handful of these wondrous items have somehow escaped from the possession the mysterious Iconic Battle Mages of Dregal-Mni and been scattered about the world. Small enough to fit into one’s pocket, these highly desirable wooden figurines can transform with a command word into a handy form of transformation. Some claim that wizards used to race around the world on these strange wooden figures, but this may just be rumor. It is a fact that Iconic Battle Mage will go to great lengths to reclaim these magic items for their own use.

Benefit: When set upon a surface and a command word spoken a travelall figurine will transform into a wooden version of whichever animal is appropriate for the terrain along with the whim of the wielder of such an unusual magic item. A wooden turtle may carry up to four people across a river, a wooden bee can be used to navigate over a rugged mountain range or a wooden stallion bring its rider from one town to the next tirelessly. These mounts are non-combatants, can withstand 20 hit points of damage before being destroyed (lost hit points under 20 are regenerated while the figurine is deactivated) and can travel up to 150 (6 miles per hour).

Usable by: Anyone.

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