[New Spell] Relentless Charge

Relentless Charge

This is going to work?” Koram asked Chalk.
The wizard read over the scroll one more time.
Yeah, it should.”
You will be fine! Well, you will take much less damage than normal,” Chalk said.
Fine! Let's do this!” Koram bellowed and steeled himself for battle.
Chalk mumbled the spell that was scrawled on the scroll and patted Koram on the shoulder, whispering the word “bludgeoning”.
The gladiator-ogre roared a challenge and stepped into the circle of battle, cheered on by dozens of orcs and goblins.
How did we get into this again?” Koram asked as he turned to Chalk.
Just go beat on that thing!” urged the wizard.

Relentless Charge (Magic-user)

Level 6

Range: Self or touch

Duration: Two turns.

The Relentless Charge spell allows a wizard to name one type of damage and be resistant to it for the duration of the spell. For example, a sorcerer, seeing that he needs to get passed a fire elemental can cast this spell with the modifier “Fire” and just take a quarter from all of the fire elemental’s fiery strikes (round down if necessary). A wizard may also cast this spell upon another, which is probably wiser if a fighter is around. 

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