[New Spell] Seeing Through It All

Seeing Through It All

A strange darkness descended upon Stork and Vistis as the two spellcasters made their way around the strange old town. Vistis muttered a spell and the duo could suddenly see through the magical mist.
Just pretend that we are fumbling about, this should reveal the wizard behind this unnatural darkness,” Vistis the Blue Mage whispered.
The two cursed and yammered, prodding around with their staffs. Within moments a skeletal creature dressed in rotting finery appeared.
I should have known, the lich Nogli-Dran!” Stork exclaimed.
Vistis elbowed Stork in the ribs.
No, he is on our side, if a little scattered in memory,” Stork explained. “I have worked with this elder wizard in the past.”
I have no memory of this, intruder,” hissed the lich. “Although I am the one you named. Perhaps we will speak more before I kill you.”
You know this thing?” Vistis whispered.
No, I'm improvising based on snippets I picked up in the wizard's guild, just follow my lead,” Stork mumbled back.

Seeing Through It All (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One turn + one turn per level of illusionist

By casting this spell an illusionist can cause themselves or those touched by the caster to be able to see through any adverse conditions, including blindness, being completely visually aware of their surroundings. This includes the ability to see in the darkness, fogs, mists and blindness, whether arcane or mundane in origin. This does not give the ability to see through solid objects.

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