[New Spell] Detect Origin

Detect Origin

The Scholar of Wexos calmly put his drink down on the oak table.
We need to get out of here, immediately,” he said in a low voice to the others at the table. “We'll get Knat on our way out of town.”
What's happening?” asked Koram.
Things are not what they seem. This place is crawling with creatures from the outer planes,” the illusionist replied.
Astral raiders?” inquired the fighter.
There are a trio of creatures from the Deep Astral here, yes,” answered the Scholar of Wexos.
Chalk began mumbling a spell. Then he grinned.
Let's go out with a bang!” the wizard said.
Several globes of swirling colors rolled in all directions away from the adventurer's table and promptly exploded under other tables, trapping the patrons in an elastic goo.
The window!” Chalk yelled as the snarling and cursing began.

Detect Origin (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 20’+ 5′ per level of illusionist

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast upon an beings within the range of the spell the target receives a saving throw versus spells, failing that allows the caster to see where that target has come from- which location if from the Material Plane and which plane of origin (or planet) if from another place. This will not reveal the status of the target (demonic, deity, etc) only the place that he, she or it comes from.

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