[New Magic Item] String of Bad Luck

String of Bad Luck

Koram scratched at his neck again and again.

What is it, a rash or something?” Chalk asked.

I am not sure, but it came on all of a sudden,” the fighter replied in a squeaky, high-pitched voice.

This can’t be good,” observed Valance.

I have heard of this sort of thing before,” said Knat the druidess. “We need to go back to the inn and look around for a string with three knots and untie the knots.”

Three knots?” Koram squeaked.

Yes, three. You have yet to manifest the third curse, they always come in threes,” answered Knat.

Koram sat down on a nearby barrel and slumped forward.

This sinister magic item is the result of a triple curse being invoked by a spellcaster who contacts the Mocking Gods; Kovul, Snyre and Weja. These eerie deities will each tap the string held by the caster of spells and a trio of curses are brought down upon the unlucky recipient. Each of these taps will cause the string to tie one knot into its length.

Benefit: The creation of a String of Bad Luck means that the mocking Gods have all attached a minor curse to the string held by the spellcaster and with each curse a knot is tied tightly in the string. Next, the intended subject of these curses must be touched by the knotted string and it must be placed somewhere within 100′ of where this person will rest their head for one night. The next day the cursed person receives one saving throw versus magic at -2, failing that the curses are put into effect until the knots can be untied. If the string is destroyed (4 hp of damage will destroy this magically strengthened string) then the curses are in effect for one year and a day, but only if it is destroyed by someone other than the one who made this item. Sample minor curses include: disturbing rashes, mouth constantly open and slack, creeping sores, squeaky voice, strange walk, constantly tripping, etc.

Usable by: Spellcasting classes.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] String of Bad Luck

  1. trey says:

    Ha! Inventive as always.

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