[New Magic Item] Dust of Stone

Dust of Stone

Strange dwarfs were harassing Chalk and the others, leading them deeper into their twisted caves.

“I am sure that there is a trap at the end of this little chase,” commented Valance.

The adventurers found themselves suddenly in a poorly lit room covered with dusty statues of dreadful monsters. A dwarf teetered into the room with a pair of bellows and a crazed look. The explorers all looked puzzled. The odd dwarf squeezed the bellows near one of the statues, blowing the majority of the dust off of it, then the demi-human turned and ran like mad.

The creature that was stone shook itself off, now made of flesh and looking quite feral.

“I did say that there was a trap involved, if you recall correctly,” mumbled the priest of the Spider God as he began summoning spiders.

Magical dust reputedly created by a mad alchemist, Dust of Stone can be devastating on the one hand and beneficial on the other; some use this magical dust to stop foes in their tracks while others use this arcane dust to keep dangerous creatures at bay until they can be used.

Benefit: When Dust of Stone is sprinkled on a living creature that being must make a save versus spell-like devices at -1 or be turned to stone, as the spell: Flesh to Stone. The individual(s) covered by this dust will remain in this state until roughly half of this magical dust is blown away, at which time the being reverts back to their fleshy form. A strong wind will usually blow enough dust away within two rounds for the being to become flesh again, as will someone intentionally dusting off those affected. In dungeon areas this magical dust can be used to keep a monster ‘on hold’ indefinitely. Anyone caught next to an individual that is having Dust of Stone removed has a 33% chance of being turned to stone themselves unless he or she is somehow blowing the magical dust away in another direction.

Usable by: Anyone.

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