[New Spell] Away from the Crowd

Away from the Crowd

What’s gotten into Koram?” Nudge asked Valance. “He seems a bit standoffish.”

The priest of the Spider God regarded the gnome the way a cat often regards a mouse.

Hard to say, but on reflection you are right, he hasn’t been the same since we were in Cobble,” Valance replied. “Didn’t he get into some gambling with a wizard? I know that I was a little put off by not being invited.”

Koram stalked by the priest and the gnome, a feral look in his eyes, the fighter snarled at them.

He must have won, or gotten caught cheating,” Valance observed. “I think that Chalk can sort this out. Although we could keep quiet and see this run its course.”

Nudge shivered and went looking for Chalk.


Away from the Crowd (Divine/Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Until dispelled.

An insidious curse that begins with the victim breaking free from others and becoming independent. This independence becomes fiercer by the week and the target of the spell becomes more feral, losing one Charisma point every two weeks as their mannerisms take on a wilder and wilder aspect. Eyes become fierce, hygiene starts to slip and the person becomes more and more hermit-like. After three months most people are cut off from society altogether and barely communicate with more than a handful of people. If this curse is dispelled the person regains one Charisma point per day as he or she becomes accustomed to society again.

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