[New Spell] Out Go The Lights

Out Go The Lights

As the strange wizard entered the tavern the lights went out in the dead of night and the establishment was filled with pawing and chittering as small creatures ran amok, pinching and biting and robbing the patrons. A flare of strange blue light flickered in a corner as Chalk cast a spell and revealed the room to be full of strange little things that appeared to be undead that were harassing and stealing from the townspeople. The necromancer hissed at Chalk and his companions.

As Koram drew his sword he noticed the tavernkeeper was trying to light a lantern but with no luck. One of the serving girls was attempting to light a candle with the same results. Valance began calling spiders as people crawled out of the windows to get away. Knat tapped her staff on the oak floorboards and a half dozen grasping wooden hands clawed at the necromancer and held him rooted to the floor.

Are you the Lights in the Darkness?” the foul sorcerer asked, seemingly concerned.

Nah,” replied Koram as he raised his Crystal Sword. “They play fair.”


Out Go The Lights (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 30′ + 5′ per level of wizard

Duration: Instantaneous.

A favorite of necromancers and wizards of shadow, the Out Go The Lights spell causes lamps to use up their oil, torches to have all their pitch or tar burn out in a second, etc, plunging the area in darkness. Any devices used for lighting will also seemingly become moist as if doused with water and will be hard to light for at least 1d4 hours. All lamp oil, tar, pitch, kindling and similar fuel in the range of the spell will also dissipate. Cast in the right location this can cause a lot of chaos in the right part of a town or city. This spell does not affect magical light.

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